Family Law

In family cases – like most firms of solicitors, we charge based on how much time we spend on your case and the applicable charge rate depends on the seniority of the Solicitor responsible for your case.  As your case progresses, we provide you with updating costs information.

When we bill for our work, you will receive a narrative describing the work done, as well as a detailed breakdown setting out how every penny of your bill has been calculated.

The Legal Aid Agency should be able to advise you details of Solicitors who undertake legal aid work, as we do not undertake legal aid work.

In the event that you have suffered domestic violence and require legal aid, please refer to

However, we offer:

  • A fixed fee initial consultation meeting. At this meeting, we summarise and advise you of the issues that need to be considered and resolved and also give you an estimate of our likely charges and a case plan.
  • A fixed fee divorce in case of a straightforward and an uncontested divorce.

If you wish to conduct your own case, then we are able to provide advice and assistance to you as and when required by you at a cost that we will agree with you.

Costs orders

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to obtain an order from the Court that makes the other party responsible for all or part of your costs. Although this is unusual in family cases. However, if this applies, then full consideration will be given to it with you.

In Residential Conveyancing including acting for the mortgagees..

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